Apr 26, 2018


lately I find myself enjoying botanical art
I love looking at pieces that others have made

I enjoy my whimsical art much more
due to the creative aspect

botanical art is more technical
which is nice in a different way

I took this lesson at Anna Mason's school
I adore succulents
find them so beautiful

Apr 17, 2018

Tree Elf

glancing outside
I spied
elf boy at the base of a tree

reached for my binoculars.....
but he wasn't there

maybe the tree bent down and picked him up

taking ones eyes away to reach for a camera or binoculars 
is always to take risk of missing out on the sighting
still, it was a joy to see him

Apr 5, 2018

PPF: Hunchback Fairy

little hunchback fairy

perfect to support her wings

inspiring freedom of flight into all domains

Above is a floor tile that I saw this little fairy in
do you see her?
This is what inspired the painting.

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Apr 4, 2018

Scribble Picnic: watering can

the only thing sprinkling
from watering cans 
in my neck of the woods

Seems the winter fairy has entered spring.

4 fresh inches this week

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Mar 25, 2018

Heart Spark

from a colorful realm
he entered our world
with the gift of
a golden egg

if you are blessed with the offering of this gift
your heart will spark
the ultimate blessing of love is yours

from then on
love is the only possibility